When I was a young, (very) pony mad little girl, my first pony was a little grey Welsh bundle of mischief called Scottie. I spent a lot of my time sliding down and off his neck as he charged headfirst in to the juiciest grass patch, adding permanent grass stains to my wildy uncontrollable ‘hat hair’ woes. Add in his penchant for rolling in poo. and we were never going to be winning the best turned out class! However, Eilidh and her beautiful palomino boy, Apollo, have no such issues. 8 year old me was literally swooning at their dreaminess, and grown up me could barely contain her excitement as we went exploring round the yard. I’m super excited to be able to offer equine sessions - whether we are at home on the yard, or on location, we’ll create beautiful images of your most favourite (four legged) person . All the information you need is over on the equestrian page HERE

How beautiful are these two? Here’s a little look in to their session -