A New Adventure

It feels like no time and forever since a small, not quite 8lb bundle of baby boy was placed in my arms. In the light of a new moon and under the darkness of an eclipse, our lives were irrevocably and wonderfully changed forever by Toby's arrival. And tomorrow, he will begin a new adventure at school, setting foot in to his Primary One classroom and starting a journey of his own.  I'm not sure how this day has sneaked up on us so fast - 7 weeks of holidays seems like a long time as they stretch ahead of you at the end of the summer term. But they have passed in a whirlwind of playdates, sleepovers, park/zoo/soft play/cinema visits, beach trips + train rides, and lazy, snuggly days. Whilst the return to routine will be welcome, I wish we could have those weeks all over again. T has a little sister who is going to miss her 'best friend Buboo' very, very much. They adore one another (in between fighting over Lego), and we had a lovely time yesterday capturing some final holiday moments of them both. 

Good luck to all the Primary One starters tomorrow - deep breaths Mums, they will be FINE (that's what I'm telling myself anyway!)